Whether we decline the stars according to the hotel renovations that are entrusted to us, or whether we outline the contours of a piece of furniture, our work today is destined to stand the test of time. It is precisely this awareness that sharpens our requirements and gives meaning to the trajectory of our agency.

We have been working together for twenty years. In exchange, dialogue, sometimes confrontation, always contrast, to generate the right tension necessary for the expression of our creative language. Our sensitivities feed each other to meet the requirements of current projects, for rigorous project owners, in synergy with players in the publishing world and exceptional know-how.

One came to the decorative arts through the history of art and the anthropology of gesture and space. The other through the fine arts and the academic path of interior architecture and design. Different therefore, sometimes complementary, we nevertheless have in common an eclectic aesthetic base and yet fundamental in our respective paths. This new combination, MAUGOUST CHENAIS, in which some see as a form of uniqueness, leads us to question the concept of sustainability in each of our achievements.

While we share a taste for sober elegance and pure volumes, we keep the vivid memory of classical forms, the framework from which our gesture interferes, our gaze arises, our point asserts itself. Our approach is a variable focus. Our interest is invariably focused on what is singular, sets the tone for what we always want to include in a form of timelessness.

Dare to combine materials, patterns, dress the walls or expose them to restore the spirit of a place, reinforce it or sometimes disturb it. Investing in the cinematographic imagination, staging, telling stories. The essence of the common cultural base is analyzed and then reinterpreted in order to respond to a new residential intimacy, to new brand identities, to new uses.

Reread and metamorphose.

With the same intensity as that we put into our interior architecture projects, the creation of what we simply call objects unfolds, vehicles of inspiration sometimes historical, sometimes societal, in association or in dissociation. The signing of the Chimères collection for Ecart International in 2021 was synonymous with a new impetus of creative freedom. We had to find our way of connecting with the material. Focus our breath on our line. The preservation of this fragile balance remains the condition for the birth of the figure, the emergence of the form. Drawing, line, line, line, crossing out. In designing, it is the trace of a gesture that we outline.

This process, far from being linear, relies on the expertise of master artisans with whom we are fortunate to collaborate. This requirement invites us to support innovations consciously and to maintain intact the concern for the future of matter that has become rare.

A grammar in which we find the raw materials that we like to work with to extract their extreme sophistication. Linen, wool, horsehair, stone, wood, wood, wood, felt, lacquer are transformed, woven, sculpted, assembled, and clashed to create tailor-made pieces with clean lines and radical aesthetics.

laurent et cecile